Madeline Elise Colley, Ph.D.

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2021 – Present: Post Doctoral Researcher at Vanderbilt University

2016 – 2020: Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Texas at San Antonio

Dissertation:  “Multimodal Mass Spectrometry Methods for the Analysis of Biochemical Systems and Tissues”
Committee: Stephan B.H. Bach, Yong-Hee Patricia Chun (UT Health Dental), Mark Libardoni (SwRI), Walter Ermler, Waldemar Gorski, Zachary Tonzetich

2009 – 2013: B.Sc. in Chemistry, summa cum laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio

With Honors from the Honor’s College
Thesis:  “The Analysis and Characterization of Gold Monolayer Protected Nano-Compounds using MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometry and Electron Transfer Matrices”

Publications & Patents

PASEF technology development. In preparation.

MALDI FTICR Imaging & Top-down Proteomics. In Preparation.

IMS as a unique tool to track the proteomic changes in mouse enamel formation to link to amelogenesis imperfecta genetic models. In Preperation.

Evaluation of the di-tyrosine crosslinks and its mediation by Cu and peroxide species in Alzheimer’s brains. In preparation. 

Ethanol-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Imaging: Implications for Alzheimer’s Disease Research. J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 12, 2416-2420 (2020). Imaging Mass Spectrometry of AD Plaques. 

Improving Spatial Resolution in MALDI-MSI. Initial Invention Disclosure, (2020). Colley, LoCoco, Bach, Hargreaves. 

Mapping and Identification of Native Proteins of Developing Teeth in Mouse Mandibles. Analytical Chemistry. 92, 7630-7637 (2020). Imaging Mass Spectrometry of enamel forming proteins. 

Major venom proteins of the fire ant Solenopsis invicta: insights into possible pheromone-binding function from mass spectrometric analysis. Insect Molecular Biology. 27, 505-511 (2018). Imaging Mass Spectrometry of fire ant proteins. 

Incubation with Cu(II) and Zn(II) salts enhances MALDI-TOF mass spectra of amyloid-beta and α-synuclein toward in vivo analysis. Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 53, 162-171 (2017). Metal binding to neurodegenerative proteins and peptides. 

Teaching Experience & Relevant Skills

2021 Mentor to Graduate Students

  • Teach LC-MS, ion mobility physics, TOF physics, instrument tuning, and instrument repair to students
  • Help design experiments
  • Review publications
  • Develop professional skills and tools

2019 Physical Chemistry Labs 1 & 2 at UTSA

  • Instructed pre-lab and taught physical chemistry lab skills
  • Developed a Carnot Engine lab for thermodynamics
  • Developed a “particle in a box” lab using vitamins
  • Relayed that vitamin lab to computational chemistry using MM, MD and semi-empirical methods in ChemDraw and Spartan
  • Lead tutorials on Mathematica, MatLab and Python for data analysis

2014 Instrumental Analysis Lab TA at UTSA

  • Instructed students on how to use Carey UV-Vis, Thermo FTIR, NMR with VnmrJ, electrochemistry, Agilent GC-MS, and MALDI-TOF-MS
  • Developed NMR lab of symmetrical compounds C60 fullerene and triphenylmethylamine 
  • GC-MS applications of base/neutrals

2013-2014 General Chemistry II TA

  • Instructed students on basic thermodynamics and graded lab reports
  • Held pre-exam sessions to study practice problems I generated

Mass Spectrometry

  • Metabolomics & Lipidomics with Bruker Impact II, timsTOF Pro/Flex (PASEF) with nLC (nanoElute, Waters, etc.), Waters QqQ quantitative MRM 
  • Proteomics with Dionex Ultimate nLC, Thermo Orbitrap Elite, and Mascot
  • Mass Spectrometry Imaging with Bruker UltrafleXtreme, Bruker timsTOF, Bruker SolariX FT-ICR, Bruker RapifleX, and Orbitrap Elite/Spectroglyph
  • Instrument maintenance – Orbitrap Elite Ion Trap cleaning, Bruker timsTOF/Impact funnel cleaning, oil pump maintenance and rebuilds, Bruker UltrafleXtreme laser alignment, front-end tuning, TOF tuning, and parts replacements

Software & Modelling

  • Time-of-flight ion physics and modelling in Simion
  • GC modelling in MatLab
  • Development of Bruker timsTOF software for ion mobility imaging and PASEF applications
  • DFT/CC analysis with NWChem and Gaussian

Coding & Languages 

  • HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript (basic web apps)
  • R, Python, MatLab – enough to be dangerous
  • BASH/Unix Languages – familiar, not a pro

Academic & Work Experience

in progress…